Wednesday, 6 December 2017

2017 Extension Reflection

Spending this year in extension has been awesome. As being a year 7, I have may be given the opportunity to be in the extension group next year for my last year of Intermediate. This year, I was given the privilege to participate in the Yr 7 & 8 extension crew. We have been learning how to use MakeyMakey kits and what we can do using those particular kits. For me, these projects/tasks were very challenging. But luckily we worked in groups of about 4 or 5, so that we had other team mates there to help us. We were also given help this year by a brilliant lady called Zoe, who works at OMGTech. She works with code a lot and we were given the chance for her to show us her skills with coding. So, pretty much for this year, we have been learning and improving in coding.

Being part of this awesome group, has given me the chance to earn skills and things based around code and what code is actually used for nowadays. I have experienced difficult and easy challenge a long the way, but me and my extension group has been able to complete these tasks with the help of Zoe and Mrs Lagitupu. If you would like to learn how to code, I would recommend using coding sites such as,, and other sites as well. There are a lot of coding websites that teach you how to create game using coding blocks and how code is used.

But, overall, this year has been so helpful and amazing. It has helped me and my fellow members to improve in code and hopefully later on that will help us in our lifetime. I have enjoyed working with the other Yr 7 & 8 in the group. I hope to work with them again next year. So, now most of us know how to create our own games and how we can use code to make things easier for us.  I have loved this year and hope to be part of this again.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Time Word Problems

WALT: Use our own strategies to work out time lapse problems. 
This is my maths task for this week. It is all based around time lapse word problems. 
All of the questions are different. For me, they weren't very hard and I completed to my highest standard. 

Tonga Vs England - Perspectives and Opinions

WALT: Identify ideas/opinions of the author and to share my own comparison.

 Tonga and England had a Rugby League Match on Saturday Last Week. The match was for the semifinals 2017 for the world cup. This match was held at Mt Smart Stadium which was flooded with supportive Tonga and England fans. Here are my perspectives and opinions.

Friday, 1 December 2017

6 Emotions and Music

For this task, we had to use 6 emotions and we also had to find suitable music
for those particular emotions. The music we chose had to be appropriate for
younger and older people to listen to. For this presentation, I worked with a buddy.
She was very helpful with this task and I hope to work with her again. So, Take
a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wk 6 Maths Problems

WALT: Understand which 2 operations (+,-,x,➗) can be used to solve each problem.

This is my Maths Word Problems Task for Week 6. There are quite a lot of questions that
I had to answer, but along the way, they might actually help me in life. Anyways, Take a 
look and I hope that you enjoy. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

Multiplication Pyramid Term 4 2017

This is my multiplication pyramid for Week 6 of Term 4 for 2017. As you can see, 
the numbers at the top go pretty high right. Well, maybe take a calculator and check for me
if all of my answers are right. P.S: This is how you pronounce the giant number at the top. 
Three hundred and thirty five billion, five hundred and forty four million, three hundred and
twenty thousand. 

Guy Fawkes Celebration

WALT: connecting and comparing. Relate information and ideas from text to my own
experience to form an opinion.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Koko - The Astonishing Ape

WALT: Find evidence in a text. Use the process of elimination to find the
"best fit," answer.

For a couple of weeks, we have been reading/learning about an astonishing
ape named, Koko. He is an ape that has mastered the art of sign language or
at least that is what some other people think. He has been raised by a lady
called, Dr. Patterson. Maybe, one day I could get the opportunity to visit him
and see him use sign language for my self.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Reflection 2017 - Extension Term 4

This term, we got to pick out of 3 tasks. First, we had to find groups of 4 or 5. Together in that group, we had to pick one of the 3 tasks that were provided. 1) Create a Band. 2) Create a controller for disabled persons. 3) Create a game show. My group decided to do the game show task and today we had to write a reflection on our experience. 

First of all, the people in my group were, Danielle, Alisha, Ata. Ana and Sheena. We were all assigned different jobs to do. Me and Danielle started off by doing the questions and answers for the contestants that would play our game and Sheena, Ana and Alisha were working on creating the buzzers and different sounds to it. To create the buzzers, we used the sounds off of the scratch coding programme. 

We also used a Makey-Makey kit to create our buzzers. We hooked the wires up to the computer that we were working on and then tried to find out how to connect the buzzers to the computer. Together, we coded our way through this task and created backdrops and found a way to make the answers pop up on the screen. The material for our buzzers was, playdoh and wires form the Makey-Makey kit. The last step was to test run it and it went pretty smoothly. Then, it was time to present our game. 

Presenting our game to the entire extension group was the hard part. We didn't know if anything would go wrong, or if something wouldn't work when pressed. But, once we actually did present what we completed, it ran amazingly. The answers popped up when needed, the buzzers worked perfectly as in the sounds went off when they were pressed. 

The other groups tasks were pretty cool as well. 2 groups decided to do the band task and 1 other group decided to do the disabled controller task. There was one more group that did the game as well. From my perspective, everyones task went amazingly good. I can't wait to find out what we will being doing in Term 4. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Perspectives & Opinions

WALT: Justifying - I can discuss and justify my responses across a small range
of texts. (thoughts, feelings, ideas and understandings)

This week we are learning about Perspective and Opinions. It is based around Niue
Language Week. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy by leaving comment down below.

Thanks for Reading
Atareita T

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical Madness - Immersion Assembly Term 4 2017

Musical Madness Immersion Assembly

Today, was Term 4’s start of the Term, immersion assembly. Which makes it the last immersion assembly for the year of 2017. Well, the topic for this term is, “Musical Madness!” As you already know, the immersion assembly goes like this. Each Team goes up to the stage and shows what they are going to be learning about throughout the term in the form of an act or a movie.

Most Informative? Why?

I reckon that the most informative Team was Team 1. They came up with an act that shows what different types of music shows our different emotions. They played, scary, sad, happy, angry, vicious and other music that changes their behaviour around others. They were playing this music, while playing a simple game of, “SNAP!” I think this provided a lot of interesting information about what they will be learning about throughout the last Term .

Most Entertaining? Why?

From my point of view, the most entertaining was Team 3’s Movie. They decided to learn how to create stories using sound and music. To show this, they created a movie based around, Songs in Real Life. If you don’t know what this means. This means that instead of talking to each other, they took lyrics from different songs and sang them to each other. I found it very amusing and fun to be sitting there to watch.

What do you want to find out more about?

Well, I actually can't wait to find out about what everyone will be creating and learning about for the last term of 2017. I also want to find out more about the different emotions movies, music and videos give to other people.

Anyways, this terms immersion assembly was quite amazing from my perspective. I enjoyed the whole assembly and I am excited to see what everyone will be doing this term.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

WALT: Find an appropriate strategy to solve each problem.
This is my start of the Term Maths Task. It involves subtraction and addition.
For each problem I have used a different strategy to solve it. Their are 2 different ways to solve the problem on each of these slides. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Our maths teacher set us a task. We had to learn 2 different times tables on a website called: TablesMaster. And we had to see what our fastest time was. To the left, I have decided to try the 13 Times Tables. As you can see, I got a time of 29 seconds. I was going to try and beat my high score of 22 seconds.

The image below shows that the 2nd times table I learnt was the 9 Times Tables. I got a time of 27 seconds trying to beat my high score of 23 seconds.

Elections 2017

WALT: Reflecting - understand how the ways in which leadership of groups 
is acquired and exercised have consequences for communities and societies.

This is all about the elections. Take a look. 

AIMS Games Reflect

WALT: Reflecting - on writer and audience appeal in news articles and campaigning.
This is my task from last week. Week 9. It is around the AIMS Games that were played
in Week 9. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. maybe leave a comment down below.

Our Night Light

WALT: Identify features of a non-ficton text.
This was my task that was set for Week 3. It is all based around our Night Light
pretty much the moon. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Friday, 22 September 2017

My Film Fest Experience - 2017

My Film Festival Experience
Well, it is that time of year, when everyone is busy trying to get their movies and ideas together for the very special, Manaiakalani Film Festival. Movies are being created all from the manaiakalani schools. Even my class had to come up with ideas and form them into a special movie to share. By the way, I had to be in 2 movies this year. One for class and One for an extension group for brainy students. Here, I will share what I have experienced doing them both.

What Did I Enjoy?
Class Movie: I enjoyed actually getting to be in our class movie and I also enjoyed helping out Mrs Ilaoa (My Teacher) to edit the Film Fest Movie. From my own perspective, I reckon that our movie is pretty awesome. Not to spoil it, but, in our movie, there is a very special guest. Watch it to find out who it is.
Extension Movie: For this movie, I enjoyed being a main character in my movie and getting to dress like my character as well. During this experience, We got to ride on our school bikes. (It was so fun)

What did i find challenging?
Class Movie: Well, to be honest, I found challenging trying not to slip when we went down to the creek to film a few bits. The rocks that we stood on were really slippery. (A couple of people slipped, Not Me!)
Secondly, I thought that maybe the editing was a bit challenging for me as well, trying to get all of the background sounds out and the voiceovers done.
Extension Movie: What I found challenging about the experience was trying to find the correct outfit that matched my character and the different scenes. Sometimes I even fell off my bike. (Ouch!) We had to shoot quite a lot of scenes. It was so difficult having to get people, send them back and then get others.

What should we improve on next time?
Class Movie: I think that next time we could improve on getting everyone to remember to bring their costumes that were needed. Most of the main characters struggled around that a bit. I think that I could work on having a louder voice maybe. When it is needed though.

Extension Movie: I actually think that, like I said about our class movie, people need to remember more often to bring their change of clothes to be in the movie. Because, they couldn’t just go out of school and get their outfit. But yeah, Maybe, we needed to focus on the time we had left.

Overall, I loved experiencing everything and getting to be in 2 movies at once. There wasn’t really anything that I hated about it and We had so much fun altogether.



Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ratio & Proportion Term 3 2017

WALT: Explain or show the steps used to solve each problem.
Here is my Task for Week 9 Of Term 3 for 2017. It is all around, Ratio & Proportion.
There are about 20 - 25 question in this presentation. Take a look and I hope that
you enjoy looking at my work.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Moon and Tides Animation 2017 - Atareita

This is my Moon and Tides animation for Term 3 of 2017. This animation is all around
how the tides are connected to the moon when it orbits around earth. Watch my animation to find out more about the moon, tides and earth. Oh, and my animation also includes the phases of the moon to go along. Hope you enjoy and please leave some comments down below and give me some feedback. 

Cultural Twin Rays - Carving Project

Hey there, Bloggers! To the left you can obviously see that there is an image of a specific maori design. Well, maybe if you look closer, you will to Twin Stingrays, side by side. The yr 7 & 8's from Pt England school head down to Tamaki College, every "Tuesday (Yr 8's) and Thursday (Yr 7's)". We do about 4 activities down there. 1 each school term. This Term I was put into the carving activity. We had to create a design that we would like to have on a kowhaiwhai pallet. Here is the design that I thought about creating.

Hope you like it and leave comments down below please. Tell me what you think about my design.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

SCIENCE TIME - Inquiry Project T3 2017

This is my inquiry project for Term 3. It is all around, Outer Space. These slides
have heaps of interesting facts about  a whole lot of different topics. It's SCIENCE TIME!
Take a look and feel free to comment down below and give me some feedback. Thanks
for reading.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Mult Pyramid Wk 8 T3 2017

WALT: explain or show the steps we took to solve each problem.

To the left, this is my multiplication pyramid for week 8 of term 3 for 2017. You must times the 2 bottom numbers together and work up the pyramid to get the correct answer at the top.
I was asked to show my working for the top 3 layers of the pyramid. Here we go!

First question was: 75 x 180 = ??
I went, 75 x 100 = 7500. After that I did, 75 x 80 = 6000. Once I had found those answers out, I added them together and I got, 13,500.
Next question was: 180 x 48 = ??
At first I went, 180 x 40 = 7200. After that, I did, 180 x 8 = 1440.
Once that was done, I had to add them together and I ended up with, 8640.
Last question was: 13500 x 8640
First I did, 13500 x 8000 = 108,000,000
Then I did, 13500 x 640 = 8640000
I had to ad them together, and ended up with, 116,640,000


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Geometry Questions

WALT: Rotate, Reflect and Translate shapes.
We are still doing the same thing as I wrote on my other post. This time, it is about Rotation. To the left is one question that I found really easy. The question was, "Which of the following shows the new position of the square when rotated a full turn? I got it right.
Down below is a picture of a question that I found really hard. This question was, "Which of the following shows the correct image,". It obviously got it wrong because it was a bit too hard for me.

Geometry Questions

WALT: Rotate, Reflect and Translate shapes.
This week we are learning all about shapes and angles. Our maths class had to go onto a site called, "Maths is Fun," to answer 10 questions around Rotation, Reflection and Translation. The picture to the left is a screenshot of a question that I found easy. The question was, "Which of the following shows the new position of the square, when is flipped over the L line.
The nest question is one that I found hard. It is around Translation. The question was, "Rectangle A'B'C'D is the image of rectangle ABCD after which of the following translations. I took a guess because I didn't know.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country Fun Run Comp 2017

Cross Country Fun Run Competition 2017

2 months from Friday 1st September, Team 5 had been running and training to achieve our personal best. It’s the event that we have been training for. That’s Right - The Cross Country Fun Run for 2017. I love training. Training helped me get more fit and faster for me to have my turn running at our, Cross Country. I was so excited.

Finally, last friday was the special day, Pt England School had been training for for a long time round. Cross Country Time. For that special day, we had an early lunch time. During then, we had to get changed into spare clothes that we had brought from home. They mainly had to be the colour of our houses. The house colours were - Yellow (Hikianalia), Blue (Hinemoana), Green (Hokule’a), and finally, Red (Te Aurere). I was in Hokule’a, the Green house.  And then, at 1:00pm everyone had to meet on the hard courts near the field. The court was filled with bright coloured students ready to compete and run. There were a lot of younger kids that would just get up and dance to any of the songs they knew that were playing throughout the rest of the day.

For the year 7 and 8 students, we had to run 2 laps around the, Pt England Reserve to reach the finish line. Altogether, we had to run 3 kilometres. Year groups had passed and all I heard from the front was, Mr Jacobsen say, “Year 7 girls, it is your turn to run.” I stood up slowly and tried to look proud and excited to run, but really inside, I had butterflies in my stomach and in my mind, I was feeling more nervous than excited now. I felt really excited before it was my turn to run, but now, I was feeling so scared and nervous, thinking about what place I would come. Would I come last or near the end. Furthermore, I remember what my teacher had said to me. She used to always come No. 46 out of 50 when she ran, but she was proud of herself for pushing through the pain and never stopping even when she thought she really needed to give up. She never ever gave up on herself. So… that is exactly what I needed to do during this competition. I just needed to pace myself. Jog lightly and not sprint. I later on realised that when I was pacing myself, I never needed to stop. I was told that when you keep going and then you stop, it is really hard to start running/jogging again at the same pace.

On the track, parents had just shown up to become marshalls and help tell the runners which way to go and what puddles or obstacles to watch out for, so that we keep safe. They encouraged the runners to keep on going to the end. I took their advice and ran for as long as I could. As soon as I was about to reach the finish line, I could hear heaps of people cheering for me and I could see my whanau standing by the finish line. They looked so proud to see me finish the race.

To this day, I still don’t really know what place I came after I had finished. I realised that it didn’t matter if I came near the end, it only matters that I never gave up and completed the race. For me, it was a big accomplishment to complete the run with only a little bit of training before. I feel so proud of myself to know that I didn’t give up. So, this is a message also to those people out there who think that they’re not fit enough or fast enough to complete the race. Well, it doesn’t matter how fit or how fast you are, as long as you pace yourself and never give up or stop. Note that it is harder to start again once you have stopped. Try your hardest to achieve your personal best.  

Geometry Transformations

Today, my maths class was given a task to complete questions on a site about geometry transformations. We had to post up 2 screenshots about our learning. 1 that we found easy and 1 that we found hard. We are learning about, Translation, Reflection, Rotation and Enlargement/Resizing. To the left is the question that I found really easy. It is a question around Translation. And below is a screenshot of the question that I found hard. It is around Reflection
Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Maria Tutaia - Bio

Here is a presentation all about a famous netballer called - Maria Tutaia. She has
inspired me to play netball and I wish to grow up and be just like her. I hope that
you enjoy this presentation that is loaded with information about her. Please feel free
to comment down below some more information that you can find about Maria

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Speech - Thoughts: Atareita

WALT: We are reviewing how to produce a quality blog post and comments.

Last Friday, Team 5 had the Top 3 students from each class ( 1 - 5) come up in front of everyone and present their speech that they had been working on for the past 4 weeks. We called it, "The Finals."
For me, It was such an amazing experience having to get up there and say my speech. Also watching other students about my age present their different types of speeches as well. Most of them were so really confident in their voices. 

Which speech appealed the most to you? Why?
From my perspective, I think that Amelia Feleti's speech was the most appealing for me. Her speech was about how her grandma had passed away and how it wasn't her job that made her happy, it was seeing her lovely granddaughter everyday. She used quite a lot of big and descriptive words during her speech which made it way more interesting than just saying normal everyday words. Personally, I think that it was quite hard having to remember the passing away of her grandma, but she pushed through with a very confident and projected voice, all the way to the end. She possibly has a chance of winning, "Team 5's Speech Contest."                   

Which speech was the most entertaining? Most thought Provoking?
Mubashshir Shafil had the most entertaining speech that was presented. He had really funny points/reasons and also added a bit of entertaining actions to spice things up a bit. His speech was about: If I were president for a day: He'd do many wonderful and helpful things while he was president for that one day. He said, that he would provide shelter for the homeless and food/water for those in need. He would help children and adults who are in the hospital and donate money to charities. Muba had some wonderful plans to help the world. Mubashshir had a lot different points and made me think about what I would do to help. 

If I were to give another speech in literacy, What are 3 things you need to work on improving?
For me, I think that I need to work on giving more detail and more interesting points/reasons. I also need to work on projecting my voice and talking confidently in front of others. I maybe need to work on just staying still instead of rocking side to side and moving around a lot. I really need to have a bit more practice if I will be speaking in front of about 50-70 kids. 

Throughout that time I was waiting for my turn and listening to others, I was feeling a bit nervous, but I reckon that I made it through my speech quite well. I found it really interesting that everyone had really confident voices and smooth actions. Overall, It was so amazing. Everyone was brilliant. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Number Knowledge - Week 4&5 Task

WALT: Add and Subtract Negative Numbers.
This is my maths task for Wk 4 & 5 of Term 3 2017. It is all about Negative (-) and Positive (+) Numbers. Take a look at my work and I hope that you enjoy.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Online Profile - 10 Years Time

This is my online profile in 10 yrs time. We had to write about what we wanted to be
in 10 yrs and how old we will be. This is mine. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. 

My I Wonder... Animation

This is my I Wonder... Animation for Term 3. At Pt England School we are learning all about space. 
There are a lot of wonders about our space and planet earth and beyond. My I wonder question is. I Wonder... If aliens existed, then can they speak english. Take a look at my Animation to find out more. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit - Reflection

Image result for gegnz student summit 2017This morning, the yr 7 & 8 extension crew from Pt England School, were given the privilege to take a trip to Ormiston School, South Auckland for the GEGNZ (Google for Education Group New Zealand) Student Summit. There were over 400 kids that showed up there. As I have mentioned before, everything was held at Ormiston Junior College. Our extension crew had to present 2 different presentations that we held at our own workshop. (Still at OJC). So, our teacher split us up into 2 groups. One group would present what they had learned about Scratch and would also share their experiences/knowledge with scratch. The other group would present how we do our school news. (P.E.N.N) I was in the group that was presenting Scratch.

So, first of all, once we had arrived, we had to register and get our Presenter Tags, Pens and these, Google for education things to wear around our necks. After we had done all of that, we wrote our names down on the tags and found our way into the OJC Hall. They had set up chairs and some schools couldn't fit so they sat down on the floor. I think that there were over about 7 schools there. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that it was over 7. Anyways, we went into the hall because they were holding a welcoming ceremony. Once all of the schools had arrived in the hall, a keynote from the, Young Ocean Explorers Team was presented. The Young Oceans Explorer Team is mainly made up of 2 people. A Father and A Daughter who wanted to learn more about our waters. They have travelled all around the world to learn more about our oceans.

Afterwards, a couple of girls from the Ormiston Senior College told everyone about the housekeeping rules. Then, all of the schools (including us) exited the hall and went on to presenting or for some other groups. The first thing that my groupTinkertime In Action." They had 4 different stations. "Makey Makey," "Tangram Puzzles," "MBot Coding and, "Ozobots Coding." We were there for 45 mins and then we moved onto having some lunch. Once we finished eating, we went to the OJC Room to present our scratch projects. We had a few people come, but we were only in a small room. Not much space for everyone.
did was go to a multitask workshop called, "

We also presented for 45 mins and then went back to the main area and had some more lunch. After that, we moved to the next session. My group went to this other yr 4 presenter group that showed us about how to use tellagami. Every single group presented for only 45 mins. They used that time to show people how to use things and to learn more about them. Then, we went back to the main area had something to eat and went into their personal school hall again for the ending ceremony. As soon as everyone had sat down and found a seat, someone named, "Suan Yeo," presented his keynote asked everyone about what they enjoyed about the day and he talked about his job at, "GOOGLE."

At that ending ceremony, they had prizes for people that got their names picked out of the draw. During the workshops, everyone was asked to write their names down on a piece of paper and their school initials. This is how everyone entered the draw to win a special prize. 4 people won a prize from our school. Their names are, "Simon, Mitchell, Ana and Yvonne." 3 of them won a case for their chrome book and Mitchell won a globe with a magic pen.

Anyways, the whole day for me was amazing. I enjoyed presenting and going to other workshops to do extra activities. We even got to see one of the teachers that used to work at our school. Her name is, "Mrs Lavakula". She teaches at the Ormiston Junior Primary. Well, after everything, we went outside to take a giant group photo. It was fantastic.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Space Race

As you can see, this is my reading presentation for this week. It has taken me a while
to finally complete it, but I did it. This presentation is all about the Space Race and why
it happened in the first place. My presentation has quite a bit of information around it,
but I think that it has also helped me a bit to learn about the space race too. Make sure
to read my presentation to find out about what I have learnt this week.

Speech Task

Topic: How to bribe your siblings!!

Hey there guys! It’s been a quite a while, hasn't it? So… anyways. Have you ever seen or heard that your siblings got something amazing, and you didn’t. Like, they got an entire stationery pack and you just got 2 pencils. Well, welcome to my world. My siblings are almost always getting more than me. Anyways, I’m sick of them getting better things than me. So, here I have decided to give a few tips on how to bribe your siblings.

First of all, you must have some sort of proof that they got something better than you, because they might try and lie to get away with it. Next, you really need to know how to act and how to try and be kind to your siblings. Most of the time, when they see you being kind and good, they will most likely feel guilty and probably give you something of theirs that they thought you deserved.

Anyways, one more step till you become a master. Ask your siblings if they want anything and just tell them that you’ll clean up their mess after they’ve eaten or something. (Well, my siblings are useless at cleaning up anyways, but that’s not the point!) Maybe then, they will start seeing a change in you, and might also give you something that they thought you deserved more.

So… once you think that you’ve mastered those 3 simple steps, you are on the way to scoring something new for yourself. From your siblings. I know these steps might sound crazy, but trust me, they work. I have done it a lot on my siblings, because they are always getting better things than me.

As soon as I came up with these steps, everything started changing. My world became a whole lot different. My parents started giving me and my siblings the same things, making it fair for all of us. That really cheered me up. Now I don’t need to use these steps anymore.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Space Game - Reflection 2017

Hey there, Bloggers! Have you ever been set a task to create a game using code? Well, for the past 10 weeks, my group and I have been working on a scratch game based all around space. Our extension teacher (Mrs Lagitupu) gave us all a task to create a game on scratch using the knowledge of coding that we already had. This task was a bit challenging but we still got through it. My group faced quite a lot of challenges throughout term 2.

Here are the challenges that I faced:

First of all, almost all of us are beginners.
Secondly, it was quite hard moving the aliens back and forth.
Thirdly, It was also quite hard to figure out the right coding blocks to do such things.
Last of all, one of the biggest challenges was trying to make the rocket shoot out bullets to destroy the aliens.

But, once we got a bit of help we figured out how to fix all of these problems and challenges that we were facing that moment. Mrs Lagitupu got someone from OMGTech to come in and teach us more about coding. In case you didn't know, OMGTech is more like a coding company that does all sorts of things. They are pretty much like, I.T workers. They help to fix a lot of problems with coding and devices as well. Anyways,

Here is how we fixed our problems:

First challenge, Zoe from OMGTech came and taught us a lot about coding and which blocks to particular things and jobs.
Second challenge, After we received Zoe's help, we figured out how to move the aliens back and forth and even make them glide.
Third challenge, we got a little stuck on finding the right blocks, but we got shown a bit more information and we found the correct blocks to make everything move and that.
Last challenge, Mrs Lagitupu gave us links to basic game tutorials which we watched and they helped us find the right code to make the rockets shoot.

Well, that is my extension space game reflection for this term. I hope you enjoy reading. Oh, and also here is a link to youtube videos you could watch to find out how to create a basic game on scratch.

#1 - Basic Game Tutorial
#2 - Platform Game Tutorial
#3 - Racing Game Tutorial

Monday, 31 July 2017

Measurements - Wk 1 Task

WALT -  Make estimates of lengths and convert between metres and centimetres
This my my first maths task for this term. Week 1. I have learnt a lot about measurements from this maths task. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy

Monday, 3 July 2017

Word Problems - Wk 9 2017 Term 2

WALT: Solve word problems using various strategies.
This is my maths task for week 9. It has helped me a lot with my multiplication
and division.  It was also quite challenging. If i'm being honest, I may have
used the calculator for 2 - 3 questions. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

2017 Inquiry Project

This is my 2017 Term 2 Inquiry Project. My group figured that there was barley
any games in the common room at school for people to play. So.... we decided
to solve that problem by making 4 more board games for people to play. We made,
Chess, Checkers, Marble Run and Ball Toss. We used a lot of materials to create everything,
but me accomplished our goals. This presentation includes all of the materials we needed, the
steps on our we created it, and what our project is about. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Mult Pyramid - Working out

This is my multiplication pyramid for maths. I had to multiply the whole thing and find an answer for the top of the pyramid. To the right, that is my working out for the top 3 layers of the multiplication pyramid.

Space Invaders Planning - Extension

This is my space invaders planning for extension. This term we were given a task
to create a space game that includes shooting. Pretty much like Galaga. We are using
scratch to create our game and we will have to code our way through. It is quite challenging,
but we have been trying our best to finish.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Decimals - Early Finisher

WALT: Recognise and understand tenths and hundreds.
This is another early finisher task. I have completed all of my work for this week.
This has helped me a bit more with my decimals. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Space Readings - Extension Task

5 Big Changes in Space Travel

Did you know that over about 50 years ago, no one on earth knew what would happen to a human being if they were to be launched into space? So... they were scared. But that all changed, in 1961 when, Soviet military pilot and cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, hurtled into orbit aboard, VOSTOK 1.

He circled the earth once, reporting that he was feeling more alive than he has ever felt before. He also said that he could see, "rivers and fold in the terrain". He sounded quite strange when he announced, that he could see a lot of different types of clouds. He saw animals, objects and other things made in cloud form. “Beautiful” was his simple description of the view. “Weightlessness” Yuri said, felt “pleasant”.

In the decades, before Gagarin became the first man in space, NASA started launching men to the moon, and even to mars. Barley anyone was launched into space because, they didn’t have enough technology back in the days. But, nowadays, technology has improved and NASA has been able to send more people into space. Every single person that was sent to space, had a mission. Some had mission to walk on the moon/mars. Some had mission to plant flags on the moon. And there were a lot of different missions too.

Gagarin's mission lasted at least, 108 minutes, so he didn't have to eat. But the cosmonaut who followed him into space, German Titov, went up for more than a day. People wondered: Would he be able to swallow food? Today's big questions about space travel and the human body involve bone loss.   

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Plays and Poetry

This is my Week 6&7 Task. These following weeks we have been learning all about,
Oral Language. Oral language is plays and poetry. So... that is what we are learning
about. Later on this week, we will be showing our plays in front of our class. This has helped
me understand a lot more about, Oral Language.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Decimals, Fractions and Percentage

This was my maths task that was set for me this week. I have completed this task
under no pressure. This presentation has helped me with my decimals, fractions
and percentages. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Staying Warm & Keeping Cool

WALT: Evaluating - I gather, and synthesise to evaluate information across a range of texts
This week we were learning about gathering information about different things. 
And we were learning how to collect information from a range of different texts. 
This presentation has helped me learn a lot about how animals keep warm and how they
stay cool. Take a look at my task and I hope that you enjoy. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


WALT: Interpret information from different graphs.
This is a presentation about different graphs. There are questions that I had
to answer. So I did. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.


WALT: interpret information from different graphs.
This presentation task is all about statistics. It is about, Mean, Median, Mode
and Range. This presentation has helped me learn more about graphs. I have
also learnt more about, M, M, M and R. Take a look at my task and please
feel free to leave a comment down below and send me some feedback.

Early Finishers

WALT: Collect and Organise Data
This task was for early finishers. In case you don't know what that means, an early
finisher is someone who has finished there task that has been set for them early.
So... I was an early finisher. This presentation goes a long with our week topic using
graphs and collecting data. This week we have been learning about Mean, Median,
Mode, Range and Probability. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Data Usage

This is my maths task for Week 6. It is all about data and probability. This has
helped me a lot with my data collection. I have now learnt a bit more about
probability. Take a look at my presentation and I hope that you enjoy.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Week Reflection

Hey, Bloggers! The past 3 days have been phenomenal. On Wednesday, the Yr 8's of Pt England School went to a leadership camp at Marsden Bay. So... since the Yr 8's have been gone, our teachers have planned activities and games for Wednesday, Thursday and well of course, today. On Wednesday, we had 2 hour rotations for the morning. The 3 rotations were, 1. Making Truffles, 2. Team Building and 3. Art/Quote Posters. My group did the, Art rotation. On Thursday, we did the same rotations. But, so that it was fair, we only did one hour of the other 2 rotations. First, my group, The Munchies, did Team Building and then the last rotation we did was, Truffles. If you don't know what Truffles are, they are chocolate balls rolled in coconut. It is more of a islander dessert. 
Today, first we had our school assembly. After that, we came back into our Team 5 block and had a relay. The relay was cup stacking. We split our group in half, so that half could be on one side and the other half on the other side. There were 3 tables in the middle with ten cups on it. The rules were that you had to stack the cups that you were given into a pyramid and then you had stack it down and put them into one pile. After you completed that, you had to run to the back of the line and the next person had to come up. The first team to finish would win. The munchies came first and we won 200 points for our team. The other teams names were, The Churries and Fobalicious.  

So... on behalf of the Yr 7 and 8's at pt england school, I would like to say a huge thanks to our teachers who helped organise everything for this phenomenal week. We had such an amazing time. So.. we would like to thank yous for that.