Thursday, 29 May 2014

Atareita's Favourite Things


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Movenote Practice

                                                Click on the video above and watch my video.
                                                Or you can click on the movenote link and create on of your own.

Tally Of Phone Calls

                                               Click on the video above and watch my movenote that I have created on my                                                  chromebook.

A Bunch of Bananas

Monday, 19 May 2014

Samoan language week script.

Talofa we are here to teach you all about Samoan Language Week. Samoan language week is from Monday 26th - Friday 30th May 2014. We are going to teach you some Samoan phrases.

Talofa means “Hello.” Ua leva tele ona o’u Le toe va’ai ia oe means Long time  no see. Fa’amolemole means Please. la manuia Le aso means have a nice day.

Now I am going to teach you how to say colours in Samoan.

pa’epa’e means white. mümü  means red. lanumeamata means green. uliuli means black. lanumoana means blue. samasama means yellow. ‘ena’ena means brown. lanumoli means orange. Viole means violet. pïniki means pink. siliva means silver. ‘auro means gold. lanu ‘apamemea means bronze. ‘efu’efu means grey. ‘O Le ä Le lanu? means What colour is it?. Now I am going to teach how to say common foods in Samoan.

‘apu means apple. ‘avoka means avocado. fa’iotä means banana (ripe). fasipovi means beef. falaoa means bread. pata means butter. keke means cake. sisi means cheese. moa means chicken. niu  means coconut/coconut (fresh). vai inu  means juice. tïpolo means lime. mago means mango. susu means milk. moli means orange (fruit). esi  means papaya. pïnati  means peanut. pea means pear. fala’ai  means pineapple. pai means pie. pateta  means potato. alaisa  means rice. mäsima means salt. suka means sugar. fualä’au’aina means vegetable. vai means water. meleni means watermelon.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Fonterra Milk for schools is a programme for school children to get milk every day at school. Each week, a milk truck comes to school with boxes of milk which get put into a refrigerator. One person from every class takes enough milk from the box to their classroom. Every student gets a carton of milk to drink. Once you have drunk it dry, you need to fold it up and put it in the recycling bin.

The first reason why milk is important to drink is that it keeps you hydrated. Over half of our body is full of water and that is why we need to keep drinking more and more of water to keep hydrated or we will get dehydrated.

The second reason is that there is a lot of calcium and protein in milk, which builds muscles in your body. We need calcium for healthy teeth and bones. The calcium in milk helps to keep all 206 bones and 639 muscles in your body strong and stops you from braking your bones more often.

There are blue recycling bins at Pt England School that are only for our milk cartons, but before you put the milk cartons in the bin, you have to make sure you have drunk it dry, fold it flat, and send it back.

Friday, 9 May 2014

The New Girl. ( This is a story out of the book )

Chapter One

Ella and Olivia are sisters. Ella is seven years old. Olivia is five and a half years old. They live with their mum and dad and little brother Max. Today is a very BIG day for Ella and Olivia. They are going to big school together. 

Ella is in second grade this year. Her long hair is tied back in a green ribbon. She has lots of friends at school. She loves to draw. She can paint all day long. Olivia can't wait to introduce her doll, Miss Sparkle to some new friends. Maybe they will like drawing and painting too! The two girls are wearing the same kind of uniform. It is purple and pink and white. Olivia's dress is a bit long. It hangs down over her knees. "You will grow in the it in no time," says Mummy. Olivia hopes so. Ella's dress is just right. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Watch My Latest Lesson

Atareita's Holiday movie

Atareita's Holiday Movie from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.


“Marvellous Maths” - Diamonds
Term 2, Week 1

WALT: solve addition problems where one number is close to 10 and the answer is not more than 100.

Paige has 27 rugby cards and Sheales has 9. How many do they have altogether? 27+3=30+6=36

Atareita has saved $36 in pocket money. Ajani has saved $12. How much money do they have between them? 36+10=46+2=48

47 + 9 = 56
47-1 + 9+1 = 46 + 10 = 56.

44 + 8 = 52

17 + 12 = 29

37 + 9 = 46

55 + 8 = 63

Use Educreations on the iPad to share how you worked some of these questions out. Post your movie on your blog.

My Basic Facts - “Doubles”
Write down all the numbers that add together to make 10.

Greater than or less than:
Use these signs > (greater than), < (less than), or = (equal) to make the maths sentence true. I have done the first one for you.
7   >   4
12   >   8
57  <    58
19   <   29
13   >   3
27  =    27
17   >   12
31   =   31
2+3  =   4+1
19+5  >    22+1
28+6   <   27+8
32-5  >    15+6

Tuesday, 6 May 2014



During the holidays I went to Motat and I went inside the Dark Maze and I couldn’t see anything and I went to Motat because it was my biggest sister’s birthday and she loved going to Motat. After that we went to visit my mum at the hospital because she just had her new baby and her name is Mikyra and Mikyra means beautiful princess in Japanese.

My mum just got home from the hospital yesterday. On Sunday my little brother broke his arm because he fell off the flying fox. The flying fox was really high from the ground that even my tallset sister can’t even reach it, the only person that can reach it was my dad because he was the tallset and tomorrow is my little brother Israel’s birthday and he is turning five. He is coming to this school aand he is going to be a year 1.

After that I went home and had dinner and I had KFC and in the KFC Combo was Cole Slaw, two Potato Gravys, a 15 piece bucket of chicken and some chips. Then I had a shower and went to bed.

                                    THE END