Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Space Readings - Extension Task

5 Big Changes in Space Travel

Did you know that over about 50 years ago, no one on earth knew what would happen to a human being if they were to be launched into space? So... they were scared. But that all changed, in 1961 when, Soviet military pilot and cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, hurtled into orbit aboard, VOSTOK 1.

He circled the earth once, reporting that he was feeling more alive than he has ever felt before. He also said that he could see, "rivers and fold in the terrain". He sounded quite strange when he announced, that he could see a lot of different types of clouds. He saw animals, objects and other things made in cloud form. “Beautiful” was his simple description of the view. “Weightlessness” Yuri said, felt “pleasant”.

In the decades, before Gagarin became the first man in space, NASA started launching men to the moon, and even to mars. Barley anyone was launched into space because, they didn’t have enough technology back in the days. But, nowadays, technology has improved and NASA has been able to send more people into space. Every single person that was sent to space, had a mission. Some had mission to walk on the moon/mars. Some had mission to plant flags on the moon. And there were a lot of different missions too.

Gagarin's mission lasted at least, 108 minutes, so he didn't have to eat. But the cosmonaut who followed him into space, German Titov, went up for more than a day. People wondered: Would he be able to swallow food? Today's big questions about space travel and the human body involve bone loss.   

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