Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Writing Test - Reflection

Hey there bloggers!!! I have just received my results for my writing test that I took a few weeks back. We were given about 40 minutes to write about our special place in the community. I wrote about my favourite supermarket, Pak'n'Save. The Yr 7 & 8's at my school got marked on 7 different subjects. Ideas, Structure, Organisation, Vocabulary, Sentence, Punctuation and Spelling. I think that I should work more on, Structure, Vocabulary and Punctuation. I think that I am getting better at Spelling, Ideas, Sentence and Organisation. One of my favourite subjects in school is writing, so I enjoy it a lot. Hopefully, I get a chance to work more on what I need to. I even got a few notes written down below for my marks. Well, now I know what I need to work on more for my next writing test. Look out for more blog posts from me. I will be posting a lot for the next few weeks. Feel free to comment down below on what you think your marks would have been. Thanks for reading.  

Monday, 27 March 2017

Multiplication Pyramid - T1 Wk 9

This is my T1 Wk9 Multiplication Pyramid. I had to multiply all the way to the top. The first bottom numbers to the left and then keep going up and up. It got pretty challenging, but I got through it. I enjoy multiplying these number and figuring out the giant answers behind them. I got shocked once it got to the top. Feel free to comment down below with some ideas of a new pyramid. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Tarakura Wanted

I was given a task to create a wanted poster to capture the dangerous Taniwha named, Tarakura. He lives a swamp. Just watch out, for whoever has passed his bridge, has never returned. Be careful for his sharp talons. Tarakura is a menace and will kill anyone who comes in sight. Even you. Capture Tarakura, DEAD OR ALIVE!!! Beware as he is considered dangerous. So, don't approach him.   

Auckland Council - Letter

Pt England School,
130 Pt England Road,
Pt England
Auckland, 1072

Monday 27th February 2017,

Dear Auckland Council,

My name is Atareita and I am a year 7 student at Pt England School. I am writing to you about the issue of pollution in our water system. Many people agree that pollution has become a huge problem in Auckland, more like the world, because people from different locations have been throwing their trash into our lakes, rivers and oceans. It is very bad for the creatures in our waters because, if rubbish keeps on getting thrown away in the waters, then the creatures living in it will think that it is food and eat it. But, if they eat it then they will die because it gets stuck in their stomachs and they are not able to get it out of them.

Secondly, I believe that you should make punishments for people who litter.  You could make a law where if someone spotted a person littering, then you get an immediate fine. Maybe about $100. Or to stop people from throwing garbage down the drains, you could set up something that stops garbage from going through the drains and into the ocean.

If someone doesn’t do anything about this problem, then it is going to become more worse and the creatures living in our waters will end up eating the garbage thinking that it’s food and get sick, but eventually die. Furthermore, later on we will be infected, then we will get sick and eventually die afterwards. And then sooner or later, every living thing will die from not having enough available fresh water for us to keep hydrated/healthy. So, that is why you need to do something about the world’s number one problem. POLLUTION!!

Kind Regards,

Water Worries

WALT: Support all my answers with evidence from the text. 
This presentation is about saving water. I was given a task to complete this presentation and answer all of the questions. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 
P.S: There are also 2 links to A letter and a poster. 

Yr 7 Tech - Cooking

Throughout the term, Yr 7's have been going to Tamaki College to do something that we call, TECH. There are 4 different groups. Carving, Hard Materials, Graphics/Art and Cooking. I was in the cooking group. There were about 16 people in my entire group. And about the same in the rest of the groups. My cooking teacher's name was, Mrs. Heka.

We go once a week on a Thursday. So, for my cooking group there are 8 kitchens. 2 people per kitchen. Well, I was in kitchen number 1 and I was paired up together with one of my dear friends, Angels. She is lovely once you get to know her. Anyways, the first thing that we made was an Oreo Milkshake each. It included, chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, oreos, milk and whipped cream. Afterwards, it was delicious. The next thing we made was, a savoury muffin. This one included, bacon, pineapple, spaghetti, cheese, and bread. We used bread for the pastry and bacon, pineapple and spaghetti for the filling. We had to first of all roast the bread, shape it and then put in the filling. After that was complete, we had to roast everything at once. Only for about 5 minutes. It tasted divine.

As you can probably think now, we were to do a dessert and then a savoury and then just go in order. So, now that I've told you about those things we made first, let me tell you about what we had made yesterday. My group made, Roasted potatoes with chicken breasts made into french fries. Your probably reading this and thinking to yourself, Hmmm... I wonder how that must have tasted. Well, It was the best thing we had made so far. It was that good. Oh and hear this, we even got to cook the chicken breasts our self. Of course, after we had crumbed it. The Ingredients that were needed were, chicken breasts, eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, potatoes, oil, herbs, Parmesan cheese and salt. Both of the people in one kitchen had different things to do. Like, I was responsible for the potatoes and cooking the chicken breast. And Angels was responsible for cutting the chicken and making the crumbing mix. After the potatoes were done, Mrs. Heka put them into the roasting oven and waited for them to roast for about 10 minutes. And then we crumbed the chicken and cooked it.

Furthermore, when everything was done, we cleaned up and ate our creation. It was amazing. I can't wait to taste what we make next week. Hopefully we make a delicious dessert. Well, look out for my next posts about what I have been up to lately. Feel free to comment down below and tell me some things that you enjoy making. Thanks for reading...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Number Knowledge Wk 8

WALT: Use our new number knowledge to solve equations. 
This week we were given a task to test out what we know with numbers on this presentation. 
Here is it. Take a look and I hope you enjoy.