Thursday, 3 September 2020

Maze Game and Flappy Bird Codes


What types of blocks and codes did you use in the games eg. direction, repeats, etc?
> There were many blocks used to complete the game including ' move forward ', ' turn left / right ', ' repeat until ... ', etc ...

What did the blocks and codes enable you to do with the Games?
> All of the blocks/codes that I used in the games were needed to make the character move and stop in a certain place. In the first presentation, the codes I used made it able for the character to reach a certain destination. In the flappy bird presentation/game, the codes used made it able to the bird to move up and down when clicked and to stop the game when the bird hit an obstacle or hit the ground.

What did you learn from this exercise?
> That all the codes have a particular function.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Becoming Body Positive - Heath Class 2020

Before we even began to learn about ‘body image’ in health class,
I honestly didn’t know much about it. If you were to ask me to define ‘body image’
before we started learning about it, I wouldn’t be able to. Thanks to this unit, I can define
it in much more detail.

‘Body Image’ is basically what you think and feel about your body.
Whether it’s positive or negative. If you have this unconditional love for
your body, and you have positive thoughts about it, that’ll lead to the growth of
a ‘positive’ body image. Therefore, if you begin to think negatively and if you feel
like you absolutely dislike your body/features then that leads to the lack of positivity
as well as the growth of a negative body image. I’ve learned that not everyone
is either body positive or body negative. Some people are what we call ‘body neutral’.
This means that the way you feel about yourself has nothing to do with your appearance
(the way you look). People need to understand that when we choose to judge someone for
their appearance and their body, that we’re actually causing a decrease in their self-esteem.
Eventually, it leads to a negative body image. It’s not only kids/teenagers, but adults also have it.
Body image goes both ways. Positively and negatively. You choose how to feel and think about
your body. Hopefully, Harnaam Kaur’s story will help you become body neutral! 

Monday, 29 July 2019

Chocolate Cake with Mrs Tuipulotu

Today in food tech, we made "Chocolate Cake." After this session, we have one more week left with Mrs Tuipulotu. I am hoping that next week we make something even more delicious than today. Our Chocolate Cake looked delicious when it went in the oven. Let's see if it looks and taste that way when it's time to take it out.


"Chocolate Cake"
Step 1 - Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius
Step 2 - (All in one bowl) 1 1/2 cup of S R Flour
- 1/2 C of sugar
- 2 tsp cocoa
- 1/2 C milk
- 1/2 C oil
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp vanilla essence
Step 3 - Mix well
Step 4 - Butter your baking tin
Step 5 - Pour ingredients into buttered baking tin and bake at
180 degrees cels
ius for approximately 30 minutes.
Step 6 - Serve & Enjoy !!

Monday, 22 July 2019

Bread with Mrs Tuipulotu

First day back, surprisingly we had Food Tech again. My class will most likely end up changing options later on in the term. But anyways, today we made, "Plain Bread." It's actually not as easy as I thought it was going to be. For when mixing the yeast, if you put it in water that is too will not cook which means that the bread won't rise. But if you put it in water that is too will overcook and the bread still won't rise. The temperature of the water must be just right. But, hopefully our bread tastes as good as it looks :)

Instructions below...

"Plain Bread"
(Preheat oven to 180 degrees)
Step 1 - (Mix well) 1 c of hot water, 1 c of cold water with 1 packet of yeast
Step 2 - Add 2 c of plain flour
- 1 tsp of salt
- 2 TBSP of sugar
- 1/2 c of oil
Step 3 - Mix well and leave for 20 mins before bake at 180 degrees
Step 4 - Serve with spread (Optional) and enjoy!!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Nachos with Mrs Tuipulotu

Sadly, today was the last week we had Food Tech with Mrs Tuipulotu. I was disappointed to find out that it was our last week, but we made something delicious to end it. Today, we made Nachos. As easy as it was to make, it wasn't easy to finish. I made a bit too much today haha. It was definitely AMAZING! Thanks to Mrs Tuipulotu for the privilige we have had this term. Hopefully we get to be in her class sooner or later.

Step 1 - Dice onion and fry until it is soft
Step 2 - Add the mince & fry together
Step 3 - Add your spices 
Step 4 - When cooked, serve with chips
Step 5 - ENJOY!!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Beef Soup with Mrs Tuipulotu

Today we made "Beef Soup." Surprisingly, it wasn't as challenging as I thought it would be. I'm proud to say, that our end result of "Beef Soup" was DELICIOUS!!! Sadly, we only have one week left after this session. Definitely can't wait to see what our final dish will be...


"Beef Soup"
Step 1 - Dice the meat and boil (on high) with salt and onion until it is soft. (Use 2c of water)
Step 2 - Add cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and boil for 10 minutes
Step 3 - Add your seasonings
Step 4 - Serve & Enjoy

Monday, 17 June 2019

Banana Cake with Mrs Tuipuotu (Redo)

Today, In cooking class, we made Banana Cake again. We did this again to ensure that everyone in my class, knows how to make it. Mata & I made a very good cake, once again. It tasted delicious! Even better than last week. But, I still may need a bit more practice till I can make it all by myself, at home. Can't wait for our next class!!

"Banana Cake"
Instructions/Ingredients on previous post...