Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Perspectives & Opinions

WALT: Justifying - I can discuss and justify my responses across a small range
of texts. (thoughts, feelings, ideas and understandings)

This week we are learning about Perspective and Opinions. It is based around Niue
Language Week. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy by leaving comment down below.

Thanks for Reading
Atareita T

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical Madness - Immersion Assembly Term 4 2017

Musical Madness Immersion Assembly

Today, was Term 4’s start of the Term, immersion assembly. Which makes it the last immersion assembly for the year of 2017. Well, the topic for this term is, “Musical Madness!” As you already know, the immersion assembly goes like this. Each Team goes up to the stage and shows what they are going to be learning about throughout the term in the form of an act or a movie.

Most Informative? Why?

I reckon that the most informative Team was Team 1. They came up with an act that shows what different types of music shows our different emotions. They played, scary, sad, happy, angry, vicious and other music that changes their behaviour around others. They were playing this music, while playing a simple game of, “SNAP!” I think this provided a lot of interesting information about what they will be learning about throughout the last Term .

Most Entertaining? Why?

From my point of view, the most entertaining was Team 3’s Movie. They decided to learn how to create stories using sound and music. To show this, they created a movie based around, Songs in Real Life. If you don’t know what this means. This means that instead of talking to each other, they took lyrics from different songs and sang them to each other. I found it very amusing and fun to be sitting there to watch.

What do you want to find out more about?

Well, I actually can't wait to find out about what everyone will be creating and learning about for the last term of 2017. I also want to find out more about the different emotions movies, music and videos give to other people.

Anyways, this terms immersion assembly was quite amazing from my perspective. I enjoyed the whole assembly and I am excited to see what everyone will be doing this term.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

WALT: Find an appropriate strategy to solve each problem.
This is my start of the Term Maths Task. It involves subtraction and addition.
For each problem I have used a different strategy to solve it. Their are 2 different ways to solve the problem on each of these slides. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Our maths teacher set us a task. We had to learn 2 different times tables on a website called: TablesMaster. And we had to see what our fastest time was. To the left, I have decided to try the 13 Times Tables. As you can see, I got a time of 29 seconds. I was going to try and beat my high score of 22 seconds.

The image below shows that the 2nd times table I learnt was the 9 Times Tables. I got a time of 27 seconds trying to beat my high score of 23 seconds.

Elections 2017

WALT: Reflecting - understand how the ways in which leadership of groups 
is acquired and exercised have consequences for communities and societies.

This is all about the elections. Take a look. 

AIMS Games Reflect

WALT: Reflecting - on writer and audience appeal in news articles and campaigning.
This is my task from last week. Week 9. It is around the AIMS Games that were played
in Week 9. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. maybe leave a comment down below.

Our Night Light

WALT: Identify features of a non-ficton text.
This was my task that was set for Week 3. It is all based around our Night Light
pretty much the moon. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.