Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bees with Rosemary Weir - Reflection


Hi my name is Ata and this is my reflection about bees. Over the past term my group called extension have been learning about honey bees and why they are so important to planet earth. 

The we heard that an actual beekeeper was going to come in with a beehive with real live bees. We were so surprised once we heard. So today she came. After we had come into the I.C.T room i saw the beehives with the real live bee just coming around and doing their tasks inside. Did you know that in each box of bees there are 9 frames. The is a lot of frames in each box. I looked in through the glass and i saw worker bees hatching the eggs so that the baby bees could start a life their own. 

Oh, That’s right I forgot to mention the beekeeper’s name. Her name was Rosemary. She has been working as a beekeeper for around 12 years. Very long time right. She must really enjoy working with bees right. Rosemary  was a very talented  beekeeper. 

The only 2 things that i wondered about the beehive was, Why was there only 1 drone bee and no queen bee in the whole hive? That is a really mysterious question. Maybe we will find out next time. Feel Free to comment. Thanks for reading! BYE!!