Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Speech - Thoughts: Atareita

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Last Friday, Team 5 had the Top 3 students from each class ( 1 - 5) come up in front of everyone and present their speech that they had been working on for the past 4 weeks. We called it, "The Finals."
For me, It was such an amazing experience having to get up there and say my speech. Also watching other students about my age present their different types of speeches as well. Most of them were so really confident in their voices. 

Which speech appealed the most to you? Why?
From my perspective, I think that Amelia Feleti's speech was the most appealing for me. Her speech was about how her grandma had passed away and how it wasn't her job that made her happy, it was seeing her lovely granddaughter everyday. She used quite a lot of big and descriptive words during her speech which made it way more interesting than just saying normal everyday words. Personally, I think that it was quite hard having to remember the passing away of her grandma, but she pushed through with a very confident and projected voice, all the way to the end. She possibly has a chance of winning, "Team 5's Speech Contest."                   

Which speech was the most entertaining? Most thought Provoking?
Mubashshir Shafil had the most entertaining speech that was presented. He had really funny points/reasons and also added a bit of entertaining actions to spice things up a bit. His speech was about: If I were president for a day: He'd do many wonderful and helpful things while he was president for that one day. He said, that he would provide shelter for the homeless and food/water for those in need. He would help children and adults who are in the hospital and donate money to charities. Muba had some wonderful plans to help the world. Mubashshir had a lot different points and made me think about what I would do to help. 

If I were to give another speech in literacy, What are 3 things you need to work on improving?
For me, I think that I need to work on giving more detail and more interesting points/reasons. I also need to work on projecting my voice and talking confidently in front of others. I maybe need to work on just staying still instead of rocking side to side and moving around a lot. I really need to have a bit more practice if I will be speaking in front of about 50-70 kids. 

Throughout that time I was waiting for my turn and listening to others, I was feeling a bit nervous, but I reckon that I made it through my speech quite well. I found it really interesting that everyone had really confident voices and smooth actions. Overall, It was so amazing. Everyone was brilliant. 

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