Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Space Game - Reflection 2017

Hey there, Bloggers! Have you ever been set a task to create a game using code? Well, for the past 10 weeks, my group and I have been working on a scratch game based all around space. Our extension teacher (Mrs Lagitupu) gave us all a task to create a game on scratch using the knowledge of coding that we already had. This task was a bit challenging but we still got through it. My group faced quite a lot of challenges throughout term 2.

Here are the challenges that I faced:

First of all, almost all of us are beginners.
Secondly, it was quite hard moving the aliens back and forth.
Thirdly, It was also quite hard to figure out the right coding blocks to do such things.
Last of all, one of the biggest challenges was trying to make the rocket shoot out bullets to destroy the aliens.

But, once we got a bit of help we figured out how to fix all of these problems and challenges that we were facing that moment. Mrs Lagitupu got someone from OMGTech to come in and teach us more about coding. In case you didn't know, OMGTech is more like a coding company that does all sorts of things. They are pretty much like, I.T workers. They help to fix a lot of problems with coding and devices as well. Anyways,

Here is how we fixed our problems:

First challenge, Zoe from OMGTech came and taught us a lot about coding and which blocks to particular things and jobs.
Second challenge, After we received Zoe's help, we figured out how to move the aliens back and forth and even make them glide.
Third challenge, we got a little stuck on finding the right blocks, but we got shown a bit more information and we found the correct blocks to make everything move and that.
Last challenge, Mrs Lagitupu gave us links to basic game tutorials which we watched and they helped us find the right code to make the rockets shoot.

Well, that is my extension space game reflection for this term. I hope you enjoy reading. Oh, and also here is a link to youtube videos you could watch to find out how to create a basic game on scratch.

#1 - Basic Game Tutorial
#2 - Platform Game Tutorial
#3 - Racing Game Tutorial

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