Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Problem solving Pizza

This is my solution and problem with pizza. Take a look and see what I have done.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Breaking News Jack and the Beanstalk Report

Jack and the Beanstalk


Byline: Wednesday 27 May 2015

On Sunday at 1:00pm people saw a Giant falling from the sky. The Giant was hairy, fat, large and ugly. Jack a young boy was standing right under where the Giant was going to land. Jack never knew that the Giant was going to squash him, so then another young boy named Austin shouted out to Jack. Austin was Jack’s best friend. Just before the Giant fell to the ground, Jack ran away from the spot that he was standing in. Austin Saved him.

On Saturday at 8:00am, there was a boy named Jack. Jack and his Mother were very poor. So one day Jack decided to go to the market and sell his family’s cow for some money. On the way there Jack met a traveller. He said, “ Hi boy, that is one fine looking cow you have there, How about I give you these beans for your cow because I have no money.” “I can’t sell you my cow just for beans, I need money.”Jack cried. Then the Traveller replied, “These aren’t just any natural beans, these are magic beans. They will grow into a very big beanstalk in only one night.”Jack was so curious that he believed the traveller and he sold his cow to him and took the beans.

Jack was happy when he received the magic beans. But when he got back home his mother was not happy that he sold the family cow for beans and not money. “You are a very silly boy” She shouted at jack. “These beans are totally useless.” She said throwing the beans out the window. The next morning there was a giant beanstalk in his front yard. It was so tall that it reached to the very top of the clouds. Finally, at some clouds the beanstalk stopped growing. Jack saw that he had reached a very strange land that he had never been to before. In the land that he had reached, there was a large castle.

Jack slowly entered the castle and found a large giant sleeping beside the creepy, creepy stairs. He quietly began to explore the castle. Jack then found a lot of rooms full of treasures. He said to himself, “There is so much gold here! If I take some back me, Mother and I will no longer be poor.” He filled some bags with treasures from the rooms and he also found a magic harp and a golden goose that lays golden eggs. As soon as Jack was going to leave the castle, the giant woke up. “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of a wimpy one.” He thundered. He saw Jack and started climbing angrily down the beanstalk.

“Come back with my Gold.” He shouted. “Come back! I will eat you for my dinner!” But Jack was too fast for him. He quickly slid down the beanstalk and cut it down with his axe. The giant fell down from the Beanstalk leaving a big hole in front of Jack’s House. when the giant fell he made an earthquake which shattered houses and broke all glass windows around him. Jack and his Mother had a wonderful, but mysterious day. THE END.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Table Master

In maths we have been learning the 6, 7, & 8 times tables. Here is my Tablesmaster score for today.

Why don't you try this link out to practice your times tables. TableMaster

6 Times Tables

7 Times Tables

8 Times Tables

Breaking news Brainstrom Jack and the Beanstalk

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WHO or WHAT is the news about?
Jack and the Beanstalk

WHAT happened?
Jack stole gold from the giant in the on top of the beanstalk and then the giant woke up and got angry so jack ran away slid down the beanstalk and cut it down. the giant fell and died. he also left a big hole in the ground.

Most Important Information,
Who, What, When, Where,
jack, beanstalk, sunday 1:00pm, in front of jacks house

WHEN did it happen?
Sunday 1:00pm 24 May 2015

WHERE did it happen?

It happened at Jack’s house and on the top and bottom of a Beanstalk in Samoa

Supporting details and background information.
Why & How
jack stole gold from the giant and the giant woke up. the giant died by falling down the beanstalk because jack cut it down with his axe.

HOW does this news affect people?
This effects people because who would want to have a dead giant in the front of there house and also who would want to have a giant hole in front of their house as well. what if someone falls inside the hole.

WHY is this news important? WHY did the event happen?
The event happened because Jack and his mother were poor and they had a cow. they wanted to sell it for money but instead jack selled it for beans. he went up the bean stalk to see if their was any gold. so he got gold.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Makey Makey Videos

These are videos about a thing called Makey Makey. Just Take a look at these videos above and you can also take a look at these 2 links right here: Makey Makey Link 1Makey Makey Link 2. Hope you enjoy this blog post. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Skateboard Design

This is a presentation about my skateboard designs. I hope you enjoy my designs and ideas for a skateboard. Why don't you come up with your own some time?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Auckland Maritime Museum Experience

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On Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 the extension people and some extras went to the Auckland Maritime Museum. At 8:30 the extension people and the extras went to the hall. Once everyone was in the hall we got into five different groups.  The names were: Maugerei ( Mountain ), Wai o Taiki ( Our River ), Ukutoia ( Pt England ), And 2 others. The bus arrived late so while we waited we sang a few Maori songs. Miss Tito grabbed her guitar and played the tune. 

Then the bus had arrived. All of us hopped in, but we had to wait a bit for the people to get on first. I sat next to Teija. I liked the ride to the Auckland Maritime Museum. On the way we waved to people walking on the sidewalk. Some of them waved back to us as well. 

When we got to the Auckland Maritime Museum, we sat on the sidewalk in front of the entrance door. We first met this man called Frazer and he told us about the Museum and what we are allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do. The rules that are in your classroom were the same rules at the Maritime Museum. 

The first activity that I did was the Peace flags. You had to draw a border on your flag. If you already had one then you could start drawing on your peace flag. On your peace flag you could have drawn anything you wanted to draw. I drew a picture of a turtle, some coconut trees, peace signs, I also wrote my name, where I come from and what school I go to. 

The 2nd activity that I did was to explore a Hawaiian boat called the Hikianalia. I loved the Hikianalia and It made me realise how cool a boat is. I wouldn't mind staying on that boat. It has everything it needs. A toilet. A kitchen. Rooms with 4 or 5 Bunk Beds. Another room where 2 people can sleep in. That room where only 2 people can sleep in just has 2 normal big beds. Something to steer the boat with. I would want to sail on a boat like that some day. Here is another picture of the people that we got to meet at The Auckland Maritime Museum. They are called the Malama Honua Crew.  

       Image result for hikianalia 

Our last activity was the Star compass. There were a lot of different things to remember. I can only remember one of them which was called La. La means sun. I hope you have enjoyed my Auckland Maritime Museum Experience. Thank you for reading.

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