Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ata Creek Animation

This is my animation about Omaru Creek. We have been learning about it this term. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Yr 5 and 6 Camp Recount

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2015
Do you know where I went from Wednesday - Friday? Well if you didn’t know, I went to the Yr 5 & 6 Camp at our school. Almost all of the Yr 5 & 6’s went to camp, while the other kids had school. My group was The Honest Squad. I went because I wanted to see what it’s like being away from your family for a while. Then I said, "I wonder if camp is going to be boring or awesome."

Furthermore, the first thing we did was practising for the concert on Thursday. The song that we were dancing to was Kung Fu Fighting. In our group we had two leaders called Rosalina and Tj. By the way we were practising our dance and sorting out our positions. After that we had morning tea. For morning tea we had the lunch that we had packed in our school bags.

Moreover, then the Honest Squad went to do the Amazing Race, Mr Jacobsen had set it up. For the Amazing Race we had to have an ipad and we had to go to 5 different places. First we went to the breeze. Our group had to paint two of the people in our group’s faces and the rest of us had to dress up in the clothes that were in the dress up box. The people that dressed up had to stand by the breeze door and the person with the ipad (Rosalina) took a photo of the dress up people. Then the people with their faces painted (Rosalina & Glennes) had to stand by the dress up and I took a photo of them. There were outrageous costumes.

Additionally, we then went to the black box by the kindergarten. For the challenge over their we had to sing a song that we have sung at assembly before. So me and Rosalina sang Nga Waka. Glennes was the one that took a video of us singing it. Nga Waka is a Maori song.   

Afterwards, my group went down to the black fence but their were already two groups there. So we went out of the black fence and we went to the black box over there. Inside were the instructions. 3 people in our group had to spell the word HONESTY with their bodies. I took a video of them forming the letters of HONESTY with their bodies. I wonder what other letters we could make with our bodies. But only 3 people.

Once we did that all of us went to the goal post by the village. There was another black box. Inside were the instructions again. Our whole group except for me because I was filming. The group had to try and shoot the tennis balls through the hoops. Then we went to pick up the tennis balls. It was very difficult.

Then, remember that challenge by the black fence on the bottom field? Well that was our last challenge to go to. Guess what? The lucky thing was that there was no one there. For that one it was called the sheet challenge. We had to jump on to the sheet and try to flip it over and then back. But the hard thing was, we were not allowed to touch the grass and we were also not allowed to use our hands. Only our feet. It was very challenging. Guess what? We won the amazing race. We all worked as a team. When we won everyone in my team shouted, " Hooray for the Honest Squad, we came first". 

I loved to play those games. If you came then I bet you would have loved it. I might go again next year. I felt awesome after that. After Camp I went home and said, "It's good to back home with my family."

Yr 5 & 6 Camp.png