Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Writing Narrative - Kayaking Trip

One beautiful sunny afternoon, a family of 5: Bree, Kai, Eve, Collin and Paige, decided that it would be a lovely day to go on a camping trip for the weekend. So… they did. At around 3:25pm they started packing all of their gear that they would need on a camping trip. They packed: Food, Water, Tents, Pillows, Sleeping Bags and everything else they needed for a camping trip. They even packed 4 kayaks. 3 single ones and 1 double.

So, at 4pm they set off to the Ahipara camping grounds. It took them around 5 hours to get there. They arrived there at around 8:45pm. Once they got there, they all jumped out of the van and set up all of their camping gear.  The put up their tent and Bree and Kai made a fire with matches and timber they had found or broken off the trees. The Ahipara camping grounds is a very beautiful place to go camping. There is a calm ocean down below the rocks and a soft sandy beach and clean toilets and showers for campers.

The Next Day, they decided to go for a hike into the forest to see if they could find some fruit or a river to go kayaking down. So, they got ready and went. About 30mins later they had found some berry bushes and mango trees. Also, right beside the fruit bushes was a lovely, calm river. It wasn’t rocky or dangerous, so that meant they could all kayak together. Furthermore, they grabbed their kayaks and put them in the water. Bree went with Eve in the double one. Everyone else went in their own kayak.

But, out of nowhere, a GHOST PIRATE pops up out of the river and scares everyone. The ghost pirate tied them up and cast a spell on the animals of the forest. A bear, birds, 2 wolves, and 4 monkeys. Ghost pirate cursed the animals and the forest animals were about to attack, but then… all of a sudden, Captain Marvel and Luke Cage fly through the forest and to their rescue.

The Ghost Pirate gets scared and goes back below the riverbed. With the animals of the forest still cursed. They attack Captain Marvel and Luke Cage, but they defeat the animals and untie the family of 5. So, they all went back to their camping spot, pack up their gear and ride back home. They promised never to return to this beautiful, but harsh land.  

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Olympic Games - Animation

This term we were given a task to create an animation about the olympics. I chose to do an animation about Weightlifting. This is my animation about weightlifting in the olympics. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!! Oh, and also feel free to comment down below!!

Monday, 19 September 2016

The Life Of Usain St Leo Bolt!

Once in a land far away there lived a young boy called Usain St. Leo Bolt. He grew up in a small town far away, known as Trelawny. His parents thought that there was something wrong with him, but he was just being himself…

When he grew up… At just 14 yrs old, Usain competed in Cricket, then he thought, “Maybe i’m not as good at cricket as I thought I was.” So then, he tried High Jump. For a while he started to think to himself that he was pretty good at High Jump. Furthermore, After a year or so he didn’t enjoy it anymore. So… he changed to Sprinting.  The moment he started running, he knew that that was what he wanted to do. Ever since then he has never ever stopped running ever since. Usain could run at 44.16km per hour. Which made him faster than an elephant, a brown bear, a road runner and even a dinosaur.

When Usain first started running, unfortunately he came last against Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin. When he had reached 15 yrs old, he was picked to compete in the Junior championships. But, Usain was very very worried. His mum came into his locker room in the stadium and Usain said, “I can’t do it, Mother. I’m scared that I am going to lose!” His mother, Jennifer encouraged her son to try his best and reminded him that he is known to be the fastest man alive. So, Usain said, “Thanks Mum! You always know just what to say.” Once the Olympic hooter had gone off, Usain walked out of the locker room and onto the racing track.
He was about to race against 8 other athletes that have been training for a very long time.

BANG!! Went off the starting gun! Usain was the last athlete to set off, but he dashed right to 2nd place. He was right behind Justin Gatlin. Usain was worrying, and then he remembered what his mother had said to him right before the big race and sped his way to the front. He shot around the corners of the track and came in first place!!!! THE CROWD WENT WILD!! AHHHHHH!!!!! So, after that Usain Bolt hadn’t stopped running ever since. He even made it into the Rio Olympics 2016. Let’s see where he goes from there.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Vocab Padlet

Created with Padlet

Walt: understand what a refugee is
Walt: synthesis readings into our own words
Walt: understand and use new and interesting vocab
Here is my vocab padlet for Wk 8. Take a look and this also teaches you about refugees! Especially Yusra Mardini's Story!!