Thursday, 31 March 2016

Telling Time In Hours

Walt: Tell Time in Hours. This week we have been learning about time. This presentation is about how I tell time and what time it is. Take a look. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Exponents: Problem Solving WK 7

Walt: solve exponents. Here I have created a google drawing where it shows my working out of questions that include exponents. Take a look. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

ThinkBoard WK 6

Here is my google drawing thinkboard. Take a look.

Padlet: Re-writing Facts

WALT: transfer information from one context to another.
WALT: put information we find into our own words.
This is my group padlet that we created all about tsunamis. Take a look and see if you could watch some of our videos as well. 

My Reading Group

WALT: follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.
WALT: research a topic and display findings in my own words.
Here I have put together a presentation about the New Zealand Dessert, "The Pavlova". 

Volcanoes of the World: Google Maps

We had to create a google map and we had to find volcanoes from around the world. We had to mark where they were and write a description about the volcano. Our WALT was to find out about volcanoes from around the world and pin them on a map. We are learning to understand lots of different texts by finding main ideas  in them and then putting the information and ideas that we have learnt into our own words. We created it by going onto Google maps and then we pressed the 3 horizontal lines in the right hand corner and click on my maps. Create a map and call it Volcanoes of the World. We had to fin, pin and write a description about at least 15 volcanoes. I went overboard and did about 30 - 40 volcanoes.

I have learnt about how dangerous volcanoes can be, about the pacific ring of fire and how earthquakes can also create a volcanic eruption. Someone can learn about volcanoes and about them by looking and clicking on my pins that I have put together. I enjoyed create pins and finding a lot of different volcanoes from all around the world. It was an amazing experience.