Friday, 21 March 2014

Why Purple Cake Day Started

After the massive earthquake, there was a day started by Emily and she called it Purple Cake Day and she started that because it was Emily’s daughter Zenzie’s 4th birthday and she asked her mum ( Emily) for a purple cake, but then instead of only one she wanted 2 purple cakes and then she wanted to start a day called Purple Cake Day so she was the one that started the whole thing in the first place and also she started that day because she wants to raise money for the kids education and she was going to give all the money that she raises to a country called Haiti and right after the earthquake in Haiti they got a man from Wellington to come down to Haiti and rap a song for Haiti, so people can come to Haiti and try and give them all the help they need. They came up with six words and they are in Haitian and you can translate it into english as well. The six words are Lunion La Flait La Force and Lunion La Flait La Force means Strength Through Unity and the other 3 words are Kenbe La and Kenbe La means Never Give Up. Emily also had two other daughters called Alyanha and Kofie-Jade and she also husband called Emmanuel. Emily’s two daughters Zenzie and Kofie-Jade and her husband died in a massive earthquake, but the only one of her daughter’s was saved and it was her youngest daughter called Alyahna. Alyahna was only one years old and she was stuck under a big pile of stones and she was trapped under the stones for 22 hours and it was 8:00 when she got saved.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Purple Cake Day

Purple Cake Day Atareita from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

I'm learning to use Imovie here is something I put together about Purple Cake Day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

About this weekend

After school on Friday I went outside to the crossings and I saw my papa and my mum. Me and Paige ran to my papa because we haven't seen him in a very long time. Then we went home and got dressed out of our uniform and put it in the wash. After that my papa took me and Paige to Carl's Junior and I said that I wanted the biggest burger they had which was the double western bacon cheese burger and one chocolate milkshake and then we went to the shops and had some butter chicken with rice. Then we went to Rebel Sports. After that we went to Sylvia Park. Later after that we went to Sylvia Park mall and my papa gave me $5 and my sister $10. With that money he gave me and Paige we went to Kiwi Yo while my papa went up to Whitcoulls. After that I went in to Toy World and Paige and and my papa Dave went to the magazine store then after that we went to the store that sells camp supplies and we fell asleep in the tents because they were really comfortable. I fell asleep on the top of the bunk bed Paige fell asleep on the bottom of the bunk bed and my papa Dave fell asleep on the big bed next to the bunk bed. Then we went to four square and I bought some bubblegum and some sherbet, then we went back home and I ate my lollies that I bought from four square and then me and Paige ate the butter chicken, then me and Paige had to do to bed.
                                                      THE END