Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Reflection 2017 - Extension Term 4

This term, we got to pick out of 3 tasks. First, we had to find groups of 4 or 5. Together in that group, we had to pick one of the 3 tasks that were provided. 1) Create a Band. 2) Create a controller for disabled persons. 3) Create a game show. My group decided to do the game show task and today we had to write a reflection on our experience. 

First of all, the people in my group were, Danielle, Alisha, Ata. Ana and Sheena. We were all assigned different jobs to do. Me and Danielle started off by doing the questions and answers for the contestants that would play our game and Sheena, Ana and Alisha were working on creating the buzzers and different sounds to it. To create the buzzers, we used the sounds off of the scratch coding programme. 

We also used a Makey-Makey kit to create our buzzers. We hooked the wires up to the computer that we were working on and then tried to find out how to connect the buzzers to the computer. Together, we coded our way through this task and created backdrops and found a way to make the answers pop up on the screen. The material for our buzzers was, playdoh and wires form the Makey-Makey kit. The last step was to test run it and it went pretty smoothly. Then, it was time to present our game. 

Presenting our game to the entire extension group was the hard part. We didn't know if anything would go wrong, or if something wouldn't work when pressed. But, once we actually did present what we completed, it ran amazingly. The answers popped up when needed, the buzzers worked perfectly as in the sounds went off when they were pressed. 

The other groups tasks were pretty cool as well. 2 groups decided to do the band task and 1 other group decided to do the disabled controller task. There was one more group that did the game as well. From my perspective, everyones task went amazingly good. I can't wait to find out what we will being doing in Term 4. 

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