Friday, 4 August 2017

Speech Task

Topic: How to bribe your siblings!!

Hey there guys! It’s been a quite a while, hasn't it? So… anyways. Have you ever seen or heard that your siblings got something amazing, and you didn’t. Like, they got an entire stationery pack and you just got 2 pencils. Well, welcome to my world. My siblings are almost always getting more than me. Anyways, I’m sick of them getting better things than me. So, here I have decided to give a few tips on how to bribe your siblings.

First of all, you must have some sort of proof that they got something better than you, because they might try and lie to get away with it. Next, you really need to know how to act and how to try and be kind to your siblings. Most of the time, when they see you being kind and good, they will most likely feel guilty and probably give you something of theirs that they thought you deserved.

Anyways, one more step till you become a master. Ask your siblings if they want anything and just tell them that you’ll clean up their mess after they’ve eaten or something. (Well, my siblings are useless at cleaning up anyways, but that’s not the point!) Maybe then, they will start seeing a change in you, and might also give you something that they thought you deserved more.

So… once you think that you’ve mastered those 3 simple steps, you are on the way to scoring something new for yourself. From your siblings. I know these steps might sound crazy, but trust me, they work. I have done it a lot on my siblings, because they are always getting better things than me.

As soon as I came up with these steps, everything started changing. My world became a whole lot different. My parents started giving me and my siblings the same things, making it fair for all of us. That really cheered me up. Now I don’t need to use these steps anymore.

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