Friday, 26 August 2016

Is Gear a P.E.D (Performance Enhancing Drug)???

Technology gives one athlete an unfair advantage, which means that they are more likely to win. Also, the cost of technology means that it can only be used by athletes that can afford it.
For Example: Technology can be seen as cheating because all of a sudden with athletes using technology during the Olympics, records have been getting broken even faster than usual. Like a sprinter with technology beats another sprinter without technology and the same as swimming, a swimmer without technology can be beaten by a swimmer with technology. Do you see the problem here? Where is, back in the day Olympic records were being held for about 12 years or so, and now records are being broken every single Olympics. JUST LIKE THAT!
Technology is also seen as a P.E.D because if one athlete can’t afford the technology and another can, then the athlete with the technology is more likely to win, so this isn’t fair just like the use of P.E.D's are not fair as well. What about if one country is very very low on money and they can’t even afford proper running shoes and another country has a so much money, they can even buy mansions.

So, I think that technology should have a limit, so that it is fair between all of the competing athletes. What is your opinion??? Leave a comment down below and I’ll see how many people think that Technology is a P.E.D or It isn’t!

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  1. Hi Atareita,

    This is really good iformation on P.E.D or known as Performance enhancing drugs. If Gives information to me about what you a writing about. You are also a really smart girl! I hope to see more blog posts from you.

    From Sheales.