Tuesday, 22 May 2018


One beautiful sunny afternoon, a family of 5: Bree, Kai, Eve, Collin and Paige, decided that it would be a lovely day to go on a camping trip for the weekend. So… they did. At around 3:25pm they started packing all of their gear that they would need on a camping trip. They packed: Food, Water, Tents, Pillows, Sleeping Bags and everything else they needed for a camping trip. They even packed 4 kayaks. 3 single ones and 1 double.

So, at 4pm they set off to the Ahipara camping grounds. It took them around 5 hours to get
there. They arrived there at around 9:11pm. Once they got there, they all jumped out of the
van and set up all of their camping gear.  The put up their tent and Bree and Kai made a fire
with matches and timber they had found or broken off the trees. The Ahipara camping grounds
is a very beautiful place to go camping. There is a calm ocean down below the rocks and a soft
sandy beach and clean toilets and showers for campers.

The Next Day, they decided to go for a hike into the forest to see if they could find some
fruit or a river to go kayaking down. So, they got ready and went. About 30mins later they
had found some berry bushes and mango trees. Also, right beside the fruit bushes was a
lovely, calm river. It wasn’t rocky or dangerous, so that meant they could all kayak together.
Furthermore, they grabbed their kayaks and put them in the water. "Come on, Eve. Let's take
the double," said Bree staring around at her surroundings.

As Collin tries to get into his kayak, a harsh wave comes thrashing past him causing Collin to
float down the river towards a giant, upcoming waterfall. Which by the look of it was about 2,500
metres tall. If he fell down that river, it would a long and high drop. He wouldn't be going down
slowly either, Collin will drop down pretty fast.

As the ongoing wave was pushing him towards the waterfall, the rest of the family was running
aside him, trying to find a way to help and to stop the wave from pushing him too far and him
falling off the side of the waterfall. They ran as fast as they can, watching out for long sticks or
useful things that they could use. Finally, Kai ran past a huge, long stick that looked stable
enough to hold back the kayak and for Collin to hold onto while the harsh wave passes by. They
weren't worrying much about the kayak, they just wanted Collin safe, out of the unpredictable
river and back on land. One by one, they grabbed the stick, holding really tight, pulling with all
their might to rescue Collin. Collin also grabbed onto the stick and pulled himself to safety.

Happily, he made it back to land but landed face first onto the grass. He may have a few bruises
from all the rocks and sticks that surrounded him, but at least he's alive. Unlike the kayak, it got
pushed down the waterfall, which caused it to break into pieces when it landed on the sharp,
dangerous rocks that were at the bottom of the waterfall.

Thank god, they are all safe and are able to return home happy and knowing that they are still
able to be together as one, combined family. Sure, Collin might have gotten hurt, but what an
experience. Hopefully he heals fast enough to have fun again with his family. Not at this place
though. This trip has warned them about this place and they have decided (as a family) never to
go there again!

Description of Task:
We had to create a narrative about anything we wanted to. This helps us to learn how to use speech marks and adverbs.

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