Monday, 28 May 2018

Fractions Finale Presentation

WALT: add and subtract fractions with different denominators.

This is my Fractions Finale Presentation. I also completed one of the provided docs that
i have previously posted.


  1. Talons lava and malo e leilei Atareita! 😀
    I so enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday, it really helped me understand what "learn create share" actually means. This is Marshland school's first year with Manaiakalani.
    I couldn't believe you were only in Year 8! You seem so confident and mature. You truly are a wonderful ambassador for your school and your principal will be very proud of you.

    I can tell from your blog that you are a very strong learner and I think you would make a good teacher.
    Thanks again for all the work you put in to the presentation. I will use it with some of our year 8s who struggle with understanding fractions.
    Keep practising doing presentations in front of others Atareita. You will get better each time and your confidence will soar.

  2. Aroha mai.
    I meant talofa but my predictive text took over.

  3. Kia ora Altareita. I enjoyed solving the problem on the slide about Randal's puppies. Your mathematical reasoning was very clear and your answer was accurate. Keep up the good work.