Thursday, 5 April 2018

How can we save Money??

“How can we save money?”

Money comes, therefore, money goes, but money is an object that most people have, but all people need it to survive. Do you actually know how to save
money? Most people have so little and need help to find ways to save up to
gain more cash. It’s your lucky day, here are a few ways that you may find
yourself using in this type of problem/situation.

First of all, you can start by, stop buying the stuff that you want, only buy
the things that you need to stay healthy, clean and well hydrated. This will
help you if you are a big spender. You probably have over 100+ pairs of shoes,
but not enough money for fresh food or power. Stop spending so much on
clothes, shoes, cologne and other stuff like that. Find a way to just spend
money on what you really need to be well provided for. As a result, you will
eventually have saved up quite a bit.

Next, I believe that, if adults could find a way to quit smoking,
they would have a lot of money saved up for their family. Around the world,
smoking is a huge problem. Consequently, in due course to this addiction,
families and people are becoming even more broke by day. Buying smokes
is a huge risk to you as well as your loved ones. This problem can cause lung
cancer and pneumonia. If you try to stop now, you can save your life and your
family can be well provided for.

Last but not least, make gifts instead of buying them. Making a gift can
be way more valuable and precious that buying one someone has made
for you. Most people buy gifts because they think that it would be better, but
i reckon that the best gift is a homemade one. It is cheap, affordable and an
end to your boredom. You can bake something or you can make homemade
candles or picture frames. Doing this saves you a ton of money and time.

So...these are my ways on how to save a bit of money. I strongly believe that
these are very helpful for families that are struggling at the moment. These
3 ways can help you a lot to get through life easier.
Ways like this, can help you and your family/kids in the future. You might
even end up with a few extra dollars sitting in your bank months or even
weeks later. Do you family a favour and consider following these few steps
on how to save money.

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