Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Definitions of, "Functions and For Loops!"

What is a "Function?" In Coding...a function is a type of routine. Which means it is a name for a set of commands telling someone or something to do whatever the function says. A function can be made up of different instructions that have been put together to complete a task or challenge. Functions are similar to routines. Like... a dance routine, morning routine or even a cleaning routine.  These are all functions in life, not only in coding and mathematics. Functions are also sort of like shortcuts. Instead of writing an entire line of code, you can just use functions that will do what you want.

What is a, "For Loop?" A For Loop is a sequence of instructions/commands that continuously happen as long as the loop tells it too. So... for example... If you get told to jump 3 times. That is a loop telling you to do the same thing over again 3 times in a row. Loops are not only in computer programming and coding, these such things can also be used to solve problems, complete challenges and can also help you in life.

So... Now you know what a function and a for loop is. Functions and For Loops are quite important to know about when you are interested in coding or computer programming. I hope that this has been helpful to those fellow bloggers interested in programming. Feel free to comment down below and give some feedback.

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