Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude Talks - Who are you??: Tony

It's Monday the 26th of March and the intermediate students of Pt England School were given the privileige to get spoken to by a visitor named, Tony from a programme called, Attitude - Programme for Schools. He talked to us about, Who we are? and animals that represent our personality. One of the big questions, was, "Are we Normal?" That question was based around us being different and thinking about who we are as a person and what makes us different.

I learnt that no one is normal and no one is perfect. Everyone has their differences. Tony told us that he felt far away from being normal, back when he was in intermediate. He said that he had a condition called, "Absences," which was known as a form of epilepsy. For example: He could be having a full on conversation with somebody, and then he would just zone out and forget about what he was doing/talking about. He also told us that it wasn't all bad. That he could fake it to get out of doing things he didn't want to. Like, doing the dishes or doing chores.

Anyways, about the animals that represent our personality. There are 4 main animals. They are, An Otter which was known as an entertainer plus a person that gets bored really easily. The next animal was a Lion, which was known as being a really good leader, a person that wants things their way most of the time and someone who just hands out instructions/commands like they are pieces of paper. The second to last one was a, Golden Retriever (Dog), which was known as a peacemaker that enjoys helping people in need and also known as a person that finds saying, "NO!," really challenging. Last but not least, Beaver. The beaver represents someone who is really hardworking. Someone that puts a lot of effort into their work and someone who completes every task to a high standard. So...we had to decide which animals representative fits us the most. I picked, Beaver/Golden Retriever. I am known to be a hard worker but I am also known to be a peacemaker.

My last highlight was what he said about, "Dump Dumb Thoughts!" This means to dump/deny any dumb thoughts that people put into your head. Such as, when they tell you that you can't achieve something, or you are no good at whatever you try to do. In intermediate, Tony tried out for the school's choir. He sung his heart out, but was told that he should just stick to playing rugby, which was one of the particular things that he was
awesome at. This reaction, shattered his heart, but he decided to dump those thoughts and carry on with trying his best to sing his heart out even more. This lead him to becoming a singing teacher in the future. He then tried out for another choir in College and he made it in. And now he is working for the tutor that told him that he couldn't pursue music, teaching kids about singing and how it can help you in life.

Overall, I believe that ATTITUDE, is an awesome programme for students. IT helps you become the person you want to be and it helps you find out who you are, and what represents you. Thank you to Tony from Attitude for speaking to us about this helpful programme based around us and us as people.

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