Thursday, 8 February 2018

First 2 Weeks of School for 2K18

Wow! Surprisingly, we are nearly at the end of Week 2 for 2018! Time goes by so fast! I actually hope that this year doesn't go too fast. I am hoping to enjoy the rest of my last year in intermediate.

Anyways, first 2 weeks of school? So far, they've been awesome! I have had so much fun spending time with my friends and teachers in class, working and playing/bonding together, learning about everyone and about the new year 7's in the block. I am enjoying my new classrooms and our new tasks that have been given to us. So, first let's talk about what I did in Week 1 2018!

Week 1 2018:

Week 1? Well, school ended up starting on, Wednesday, which meant that we only had 3 days until the weekend arrived. For 2 of those days, we spend them in our home classes. We were given the privilege to learn about one another and learn each others names and what we like to eat/drink. We played a few bonding/team games outside to see how well our class works in groups. On Friday, we moved to our literacy and numeracy classes to meet and greet in our new classes. We played bonding games outside again, but this time with our Maths and Literacy classes. First week of school, was pretty fun!

Week 2 2018:

Week 2? This week, we moved into our Literacy and Numeracy classes to start our tasks for the week. The first task that I was given for literacy, was to read a text, visualise and answer the questions below. They were ok questions. But not as easy as I thought they would be. The first task for my Maths Class was to complete a presentation based on how much we could remember from 2017 (Last Year)?

Overall, first 2 weeks of school, I enjoyed a lot. It was awesome!!

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