Friday, 23 February 2018

Visual Mihi 2K18

This is my Visual/Digital Mihi. I used Hyperstudio to create this. On each corner, there are pictures of things about me. In the top left corner, I decided to draw a sports sign. I enjoy playing different sports, such as, rugby, netball, cricket. In the top right corner, there is a drawing of a bible. I am a christian and I got to Destiny Church, Manukau. The bottom left corner represents my culture. I am half samoan, half maori. I can understand samoan more than I can speak it. And most important of all, My Family. In my world, Family comes first. Before anything else. I love my family and they represent me. These are 4 of the main things that represent me and my life. As you can see, in the middle, I have drawn a picture of myself. I also did a past visual/digital mihi last year too. Take a look at my past one as well. 

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