Friday, 26 May 2017

Week Reflection

Hey, Bloggers! The past 3 days have been phenomenal. On Wednesday, the Yr 8's of Pt England School went to a leadership camp at Marsden Bay. So... since the Yr 8's have been gone, our teachers have planned activities and games for Wednesday, Thursday and well of course, today. On Wednesday, we had 2 hour rotations for the morning. The 3 rotations were, 1. Making Truffles, 2. Team Building and 3. Art/Quote Posters. My group did the, Art rotation. On Thursday, we did the same rotations. But, so that it was fair, we only did one hour of the other 2 rotations. First, my group, The Munchies, did Team Building and then the last rotation we did was, Truffles. If you don't know what Truffles are, they are chocolate balls rolled in coconut. It is more of a islander dessert. 
Today, first we had our school assembly. After that, we came back into our Team 5 block and had a relay. The relay was cup stacking. We split our group in half, so that half could be on one side and the other half on the other side. There were 3 tables in the middle with ten cups on it. The rules were that you had to stack the cups that you were given into a pyramid and then you had stack it down and put them into one pile. After you completed that, you had to run to the back of the line and the next person had to come up. The first team to finish would win. The munchies came first and we won 200 points for our team. The other teams names were, The Churries and Fobalicious.  

So... on behalf of the Yr 7 and 8's at pt england school, I would like to say a huge thanks to our teachers who helped organise everything for this phenomenal week. We had such an amazing time. So.. we would like to thank yous for that.



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