Monday, 19 September 2016

The Life Of Usain St Leo Bolt!

Once in a land far away there lived a young boy called Usain St. Leo Bolt. He grew up in a small town far away, known as Trelawny. His parents thought that there was something wrong with him, but he was just being himself…

When he grew up… At just 14 yrs old, Usain competed in Cricket, then he thought, “Maybe i’m not as good at cricket as I thought I was.” So then, he tried High Jump. For a while he started to think to himself that he was pretty good at High Jump. Furthermore, After a year or so he didn’t enjoy it anymore. So… he changed to Sprinting.  The moment he started running, he knew that that was what he wanted to do. Ever since then he has never ever stopped running ever since. Usain could run at 44.16km per hour. Which made him faster than an elephant, a brown bear, a road runner and even a dinosaur.

When Usain first started running, unfortunately he came last against Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin. When he had reached 15 yrs old, he was picked to compete in the Junior championships. But, Usain was very very worried. His mum came into his locker room in the stadium and Usain said, “I can’t do it, Mother. I’m scared that I am going to lose!” His mother, Jennifer encouraged her son to try his best and reminded him that he is known to be the fastest man alive. So, Usain said, “Thanks Mum! You always know just what to say.” Once the Olympic hooter had gone off, Usain walked out of the locker room and onto the racing track.
He was about to race against 8 other athletes that have been training for a very long time.

BANG!! Went off the starting gun! Usain was the last athlete to set off, but he dashed right to 2nd place. He was right behind Justin Gatlin. Usain was worrying, and then he remembered what his mother had said to him right before the big race and sped his way to the front. He shot around the corners of the track and came in first place!!!! THE CROWD WENT WILD!! AHHHHHH!!!!! So, after that Usain Bolt hadn’t stopped running ever since. He even made it into the Rio Olympics 2016. Let’s see where he goes from there.


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