Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Real Life Heroes

Helping Samoan Schools

Have you ever been to Samoa? Well, I have. Schools in Samoa only had, 1 scissors, 1 book and pencil to share throughout the whole class. 2 teenagers named, Kelsi and Aleisha felt depressed for those schools and decided to help out them out

They started to first collect resources for the Samoan schools, For Example: Paper, Pens and Pencils, Markers, Books and more. It took them 2 days to sort out all of the resources that they were going to send to Samoa. They went to other school and they had found out that most schools they went to, they all had left over books and pencils, also boxes of paper and old computers.

It was hard for them to find a way to ship all of the resources to Samoa all by themselves. So, when the shipping department had heard about it, they offered to ship everything off to Samoa for free. Kelsi and Aleisha were super pleased to finally have someone ship off everything to schools in Samoa.

So, afterwards, schools in Samoa would have had everything they needed now. Computers, books, pencils and more. Maybe there might have even been left overs with how much Kelsi and Aleisha delivered.

They are my real life hero. Kelsi and Aleisha. 2 teenagers helping out a country all by themselves.  

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