Thursday, 16 June 2016

Narrative - Extension Warrior

Extension Warrior Narrative

Sua Magasiva was born in 1735. He was known to be the strongest man in his Samoan village. One day the Samoan chief, Fa’amatai, named him head warrior of the village. The chief’s daughter, Leka, was very impressed. While being leader, he had to know what to do and he was in charge of all of the warriors weapons and organising the plans of where to go when attacking enemy tribes. Sua, was a strong, fierce male. He loved to exercise and train in preparation for battle.

Later that month, the enemy tribe planned to attack Sua’s village. Sua had heard about this nonsense and had come up with a plan to stop them. Spies from his village found out that the enemy tribe had planned to attack at night once everyone had fallen asleep. They were going to steal their weapons and food and capture them to become slaves. But Sua had a cunning plan.

Each night leading up to the ambush Sua told five of his best warriors to take turns looking out for the enemy. His men trained during the day and got their weapons ready. The whole village was ready for battle.  

One day, in the middle of the night, the enemy tribe tried to ambush the village. Luckily the villagers were prepared. Sua lead the battle like a true warrior. He dashed into his secret fale where he hid all of the warrior’s weapons. Spears, bow and arrows, and knives. Sua and all of the villagers and warriors fought for a very long time. But finally, after hours of fighting, they finally captured and defeated the enemy tribe. “We have won!” Sua shouted.

The beautiful daughter of chief, Fa’amatai, was amazed by Sua’s strong muscle. Sua, was amazed by Leka’s beauty. So, Sua went over to Leka and asked her if she would marry him. Leka said yes and busted to tears. After that, the following week, Leka and Sua were married to each other and swore to love each other forever and never forget one another.


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