Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

Me, my aunty, uncle, mum, dad, brother and sisters went to Murawai Beach  because it was too hot to just stay home and do nothing.

At Murawai me, my sister, dad, brother and my uncle went for a swim and  there were huge as waves that were bowling us over when we were  swimming. The waves were bowling us over because we just sat on the  ocean floor. They were really big waves.

After we had a swim we hopped out of the water and got changed. Once everyone had got changed, we played on the park for about 10 - 15 minutes. On the park we played on the monkey bars, the slide and on the big spider web. It was really cool. Man if you go there trust me you will love it.

Furthermore, We then went home and had a feed. After the feed we relaxed and went to sleep. Once the day was over I felt amazing. I had such a great time I wish I could stay there for as long as I wanted to.

                                      THE END
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