Monday, 2 March 2020

Becoming Body Positive - Heath Class 2020

Before we even began to learn about ‘body image’ in health class,
I honestly didn’t know much about it. If you were to ask me to define ‘body image’
before we started learning about it, I wouldn’t be able to. Thanks to this unit, I can define
it in much more detail.

‘Body Image’ is basically what you think and feel about your body.
Whether it’s positive or negative. If you have this unconditional love for
your body, and you have positive thoughts about it, that’ll lead to the growth of
a ‘positive’ body image. Therefore, if you begin to think negatively and if you feel
like you absolutely dislike your body/features then that leads to the lack of positivity
as well as the growth of a negative body image. I’ve learned that not everyone
is either body positive or body negative. Some people are what we call ‘body neutral’.
This means that the way you feel about yourself has nothing to do with your appearance
(the way you look). People need to understand that when we choose to judge someone for
their appearance and their body, that we’re actually causing a decrease in their self-esteem.
Eventually, it leads to a negative body image. It’s not only kids/teenagers, but adults also have it.
Body image goes both ways. Positively and negatively. You choose how to feel and think about
your body. Hopefully, Harnaam Kaur’s story will help you become body neutral! 

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