Wednesday, 19 October 2016


It was a sunny day in a suburb which was named Pt England. People were playing outside and kids were at school. Except for this one little boy, Jack. Jack absolutely hated school. So, he never went. Jack just stayed home and some days he would also like to ride his bike around the neighbourhood.

But, one day, a tourist named, Amy arrived in Pt England. So, Jack went up to her and welcomed Amy to Pt England. “What has brought you to this lovely suburb may I ask?” Jack said to Amy. “Well, I’m from Tonga and I have been to a lot of different countries. Like, Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Niue and much more. I’m a tourist.” Amy replied. “I actually have a friend sitting my house while our was on vacation. I’m going there now.” She said. “Ok! Well goodbye for now and I’ll hopefully see you around the neighbourhood.” Jack replied.

Amy just realised something, “Jack? Why aren’t you at school? Are you sick or something?” Jack said, “No. I just really hate school. So, I stay home with my mum.” “Oh ok. Bye!” Amy yelled to Jack while she was walking to her house. Which was just down the street.

The Next Day
Amy decides to go for a walk down the street and notices that Jack is just around the corner. So, she walks up to him and says, “Hiya, Jack! Isn’t it a beautiful, sunny day.” Jack replies, “Yeah! It sure is.” “Hey Amy? Would you like to go for a walk around the neighbourhood with me?” “Sure! I was walking around by myself and a little company would be awesome.” So, Jack and Amy wonder around and they come to a house that has signs up all around it.

Signs say, DANGER! BEWARE OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE! GHOSTS AND CLOWNS! TURN BACK! DON’T GO IN! OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! But, Amy is determined to see what is really behind the door of this mysterious abandoned house.

Furthermore, Amy enters the house and Jack is too scared to go in because of what the signs say. Jack tries to convince Amy not to go in, “Amy don’t go in! You’re going to get hurt! But, she just doesn’t listen. She goes in and realises that the door slammed shut. She starts screaming and shouting. She shouts to Jack, “Jack!! Get HELP! PLEASE?! QUICK!! Call the police or something! Just get some help!!

Jack notices that Amy has left her phone outside on the grass. He picks it up and calls the police. The police come as fast as they can and try to rescue Amy out of the Haunted Mysterious House. About 30mins later, the house just opens the door and Amy comes sprinting out. She trips and one of the police officer's dash to her and save Amy from falling into a pit of doom.

Amy gets rescued and she swears never to go into or near that Haunted Mysterious House ever again. After that, Jack and Amy take another stroll in the park and forget that nothing ever happened. They both just live their normal lives.

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Image Attribution. By Dennis Brown (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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